The Best Email Marketing Strategy

We're Rendon Media, a digital marketing & crative agency that will help you generate more loyalty and more revenue. From concept to execution, we're 100% dedicated to growing your ROI.
Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with prospects and customers to generate leads and build relationships. Are you taking full advantage of the opportunity?
  • A well optimized email marketing program allows you to properly leverage your digital presence. As the most important revenue driver in e-commerce: we’ll grow your user base, create automated drip campaigns, nurture and engage customers through the sales funnel, re-engage cart abandons and craft promotional messages that drive sales. Email is a part of your customer’s daily routine, make sure you are too.
  • Well-orchestrated email campaigns are the central ingredient to well-nurtured prospects and excited customers. The most effective campaigns are multi-touch, seen across various social platforms and email. Using specialized tools, we can help you orchestrate targeted email campaigns and automatic actions based on someone’s response.

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A web browser isn’t the only place you can engage with your customers.

Unrivalled Levels of Service

We are happy to offer the following services to provide assistance at every turn in your email marketing, from start to finish!
Marketing Strategy
Do you need help developing an email marketing strategy to ensure that you campaigns are designed, launched and measured to get the most ROI for your business? Our Campaigner team is here to help you do just that!
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Delivery Assurance
Campaigner’s delivery assurance team is comprised of true experts that can identify your sending weak spots and provide you with advice on how to increase your reputation management and campaign performance. They also work directly with the major ISPs to maximize deliverability of permission-based email campaigns. Want to be a better sender? Contact us today!
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Template Design
Our Design Services Team is trained and kept up-to-date on best email practices to help you develop eye-catching, mobile responsive email templates, no matter which email client you may choose. Your subscribers are sure to be more engaged and your campaigns more revenue producing with our custom, professionally designed email templates.
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Campaign Implementation
Combine the knowledge of Campaigner designers, strategists, delivery experts, and dedicated client success team and you’ll be sending the most effective and efficient email marketing campaigns possible! Your subscriber rates will soar as will your open and click rates once we’re on board to help you.
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